2013 RoadTrip Awards, Presented by Donnally

July 14, 2013

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the Go Go Cards Roadtrip a success this year!  With a week removed from the trip, it’s time now for this year’s MLB RoadTrip Awards, presented by Donnally.



Silver Slugger Award Winner:

Kal Kercher wins his first Silver Slugger Award,  best-of-the-best top zombie killer at Pier 39’s 7D Experience!  He led the group with way more kills than BillO and Davelee combined.



Rookie of the Year Winner:

Kenny Spiegle arrives in time to share stories and take in a Sunday afternoon game at the Coliseum.  He didn’t bring us a series winner but he was wearing the colors and talkin’ the talk in Oakland!



Come Back Player of the Year:

Davelee had the sophomore jinx last year, picking up stray cats and losing coin flips, but he came back strong this year honoring the ground rules to end The Curse!



Gold Glove:

Donnally snares a foul ball on a bounce and gives it to an Angels’ kid.   Not much of a web gem but could be a Roberto Clemente nomination as well.



MLB Delivery Man Award:

Top Prospect Jess, despite a torn rotator cuff, becomes the unofficial designated  driver specializing in door-to-door drop-off and superior Costco voucher delivery.

PK Nails


Roberto Clemente Award:

PK Nails, handing out discount tickets, and presenting baseball memorabilia in the spirit of the award as one who  “best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, and community involvement.”



MVP Award:

BillO Baggins wins the MVP.   Now in our 11th year following the Cardinals on the Roadtrip,  BillO is the guy who keeps the mojo goin’ everyday,  every trip, every year!

Thanks again everybody for a great Roadtrip.  Rock On with the Rock On!

Donny  Baseball

Go Go Cards!

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So when do I get my award? Do I need to show up to collect it? Nice job on the trip summary, and great job of planning it. I think we got the Cards mojo back by our presence, even if they didn’t win all of the games we (you) attended. Phil

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